Sunday, January 16, 2011

Switch Between Multiple Gmail Accounts With a URL Hack

We were pretty stoked when Google debuted its multiple account sign-in feature, and reader Sam has discovered a way to switch between accounts faster using a small URL tweak.

I was flipping between two Gmail account tabs using Google's multiple logins feature, and I noticed that the two URLs are almost identical: and It turns out that switching between the 0 and 1 (and presumably higher numbers if there are more than 2 accounts logged in) switches accounts. In particular, since there is no keyboard shortcut for switching between accounts, editing the URL may be the fastest way to do so using only the keyboard.

In fact, the fastest way to switch between them using only the keyboard would be to bookmark the sites and create address bar keywords for them, so you can flip back and forth using just a few keystrokes instead of having to use your mouse. Thanks, Sam!

Taken from LifeHacker


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  7. I remember wondering why someone would need multiple accounts. Now I have 3 emails...